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XT 2020 Touring Car

Thu 31 Oct 2019


RS5 Parts Database

Wed 04 Jan 2019

XT 2019 Touring Car

Sun 11 Nov 2018


Beast I2 engine

Sat 11 Nov 2018
RS5 Modelsport are a trusted leading manufacturer of inovative professional competition Large Scale R/C cars and accesories such as the "F" series 7 times European Champion Formula One Cars, the "T" series 3 times European Champion Touring Cars, the R-Power steel and titanium Exhaust systems, and the LSDiff autolock differential system.

Our motto:

"Development never ends. Last year’s winner car will not be fast enough to win the future races. Thus we must search for new and individual solutions all the time. If we copy the existing ones, we could be just as good as the originals, and never better…"





XT 2020-430-01 XT 2020-430-02
XT 2020-430-03 XT 2020-430-04




New feature at XT 2020 are the adjustable wheelbase. With spacers You can adjust the wheelbase, or shift the weight distribution of the car. This will help You to fine tune the handling of the car. For short tracks with a lot of slow corners the short wheelbase make the car more agile, and the long wheelbase help to make the car easy to drive at big tracks with fast corners.

At the end of the 2019 racing session, mainly at the World Championship we figure out an new front suspension geometry. This help Us to achieve the great result at the WC, of new track record, Superpole win, Vice Champion titel and double podium finish <<<link>>> 

This new geometry make the car faster and make easier to drive. We produce new spacers, special asymmetric balljoint, new front spring for that.


XT 2020-430-05 XT 2020-430-08
XT 2020-430-07 XT 2020-430-10
XT 2020-430-06 XT 2020-430-09




The new tray allow You to use Shorty hardcase Lipo Battery instead of the not so popular Lipo Super Shorty Battery’s that was used on the previous cars. You can place the battery at 3 position to fine tune the weight balance of the car.


XT 2020-430-11 XT 2020-430-12




The upgraded servo saver has now an plastic screw through on it, to eliminate the play completely. But if You have a hard crash, this screw can brake, and will save Your servo, and You will finish Your run with an normal operating servo saver. After the run You can replace the broken screw easily, and You get back the Zero play Servo saver.

The new Brake Piston reduce dead zone by 50%, increase braking force and make it much easier to refill/fill the brake. Made from 7075-T6 Aluminum, so it is lighter than the older steel version.


XT 2020-430-13 XT 2020-430-14




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Our new Beast I2 engine has internal (Ikeda/Zenoah) ignition and small (60mm inner side diameter) flywheel. It not only give great power for Your car, but also change the characteristic of them drastically. With the Beast engine Your XT or XF car are 100% symmetric fixings, has better traction, and reason of the lower center gravity, grip-rolls much later then with an Zenoah engine.


Beast-I2-430-002 Beast-I2-430-003
Beast-I2-430-004 Beast-I2-430-005



Beast-I2-430-007 Beast-I2-430-008



Beast-I2-430-009 Beast-I2-430-010
Beast-I2-430-011 Beast-I2-430-015
Beast-I2-430-012 Beast-I2-430-013
Beast-I2-430-016 Beast-I2-430-017
Beast-I2-430-014 Beast-I2-430-018





The 22801 and 22806 are complette reedy to run Beast engines at 23ccm and 26ccm configuration. The 22812 "Do it Yourself" kit include all Beast engine components to convert Your Zenoah engine into an Beast engine (ignition also). The 22813 Beast engine DIY kit is god for You, if You own an smal internal ignition engine with ignition system from SCS… and You want to use does componets to build an Beast engine.

















XT 2019-430-01 XT 2019-430-02
XT 2019-430-03 XT 2019-430-04




New alloy chassis with carbon side stiffener. It increase the stability and grip of the car at both, low and high grip conditions. Increase the stability of the car a lot specialy at hot ambient conditions.


XT 2019-430-05 XT 2019-430-06



XT-Directlink-Anti-Roll Bar-2019

The new innovative Directlink anti-roll bar system increase the grip and stability of the car. The anti-roll bars now conected also to the chassis, and not only to eachother like by the ball style anti roll bar. When the centrifugal force try to roll the chassis, the anti-roll bar hold agains it. Becouse now the anti-roll bar conected to the chassis, it transfer more pressure to the outer tyres, so the pressure between ground and tyres become bigger, so the grip of the car inreases. This changes the caracteristioc of the car drasticly, it become more responsive, more quick at direction changes and more stabel in general.

New front lower wishbone with one extra outer shock abbsorber fixing hole. The new hole increase the stability of the car, reduce the "edginess" of the front end at both, high and low grip conditions.


XT 2019-430-07 XT 2019-430-08
XT 2019-430-12 XT 2019-430-13
XT 2019-430-09 XT 2019-430-10
XT 2019-430-11 XT 2019-430-14
XT 2019-430-15 XT 2019-430-16



XT-RC Unit 2019

New RC unit design alloy You to define more precise the front end flex of Your car. Now You can adjust it in 3 steps:
Full stiff, so no flex lateral or longitudinal
Flex only lateral, so no flex longitudinal
Flex at both direction, so flex lateral and longitudinal


XT 2019-430-17 XT 2019-430-18
XT 2019-430-19


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New 2018 Products



XT 2018
XT 2018-430-01 XT 2018-430-02
XT 2018-430-03 XT 2018-430-04



XT - Rear End 2018
XT 2018-430-05 XT 2018-430-06
XT 2018-430-07 XT 2018-430-08



XT - Chassis 2018
XT 2018-430-09 XT 2018-430-10



Monoblock wheel Hub
Monoblock-430-01 Monoblock-430-02
Monoblock-430-03 Monoblock-430-04
Monoblock-430-05 Monoblock-430-06


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