Cserkuti Ltd. was established in 2002. Its profile is producing and selling model cars.

The idea of producing model cars occurred to Mr József Cserkuti in 1996. It was one year later than he stopped his career as a race car driver. He was 30 years long at the Real Race Sport with succes like, 23 times Hungaryan National Championship Title, Vice-European Hill-Climb Championship title. His then company, called Racing System Ltd., was dealing with building, developing real racing cars.

Jozsef Cserkuti with His Group 5 BMW E21

Jozsef Cserkuti with His Group A BMW M3

Jozsef Cserkuti with His BMW E36 DTM


The first model got ready in 1997 and was named RS5. The name referred to the name of the company, Racing System, and the car’s size, a real car was exactly five times bigger than this model, so the scale was 1:5. When the prototype was completed, most of the competitors were amazed that it was more like a real racing car in miniature, than a simple model car. In its debut year, the RS5 won the Hungarian Championship which victory was followed by several other national championship first prizes.

RS5 Pushroad car from 2001

Clark Wohlert with His RS5 Pushroad car from 2002

Pushroad cars from 2004


The most significant difference to other model cars was the carbon-monocoque under body. This idea was taken from real auto sport and resulted in a lower weight, higher flexibility and stiffness. What is more, it gave a particular look to the model which could not be taken for any other model cars. Several other solutions were also used in creating this model, even those which had never been tried in model cars so far: integrated alloy ball joints in trailing arms, camber setting with shims, etc. These innovations have also been taken over by other model car designers and producers.

At 2004 between our Touring Car project we also start to developing our Formula One car. The presentation of Our Formula One Car was at the 2005 European Championship at Göteborg. The prototype of the car was reedy only one week before the race, and at the qualification make the car the fifth place without any test process. At that time was ocular, that this car will be an success construction. After 2 years developing and testing period, the prognosis was reality. The RS5 Formula One Car win His first European Championship title at 2007. After this success, followed 2 more Title in row at 2008 and 2009.

2007 F1 European Champion Gabor Cserkuti with His Father Jozsef

2008 F1 European Champion Dario Veseli with Jozsef and Gabor Cserkuti

2009 F1 European Champion Hrvoje Stegmayer and 2009 F1 Junior European Champion Marko Grigic with the owners of the GRP and the RS5 companys


The main principle in designing this model was to maximize its output, which goal was gained by applying special materials such as Titanium, Ergal  and Carbon.

We do believe that it is the outfit and not the advertisement that counts. Thus we turn all of our means to developing, testing and racing our model cars.

As we still follow the real car races with attention, we always have up-to-date information on novelties which might be taken over into model cars.


Our motto:

"Development never ends. Last year’s winner car will not be fast enough to win the future races. Thus we must search for new and individual solutions all the time. If we copy the existing ones, we could be just as good as the originals, and never better…"